Parent Testimonials



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"I have so much gratitude for HCA.
For the countless times my kids jumped into the car smelling of fresh air and sunshine and excited stories of the day.
For the teachers who manage to get anything done and their loving ways.
For the music, art and theater, for electives, special days and chapel.
For the friendships and yes, even the trials because this is how we grow.
For all the staff and their endless smiles and dedication.
HCA will always be a part of us, in our hearts, one of the very best parts.
That is why I'm grateful, so I say Thank-you to the principal, the staff, to those who have helped us along the way, but mostly to God for giving us more than we deserve or could ever have dreamed possible."


"My son is completing his kindergarten year at Holden Christian Academy. With great enthusiasm I am excited to share about his academic, emotional and spiritual experiences at this school, all of which have greatly exceeded our expectations. 

All of the teachers are clearly committed to teaching, and provide a safe and nurturing environment for each child. I am thrilled that the bible and our Christian faith are integrated into all aspects of his education. Academically, the hands-on approach and experiential nature in which the curriculum is presnted not only meet his develomental needs and learning style, but are also creating in him a desire to learn and a love for school. His problem-solving and critical thinking skills are developing and flourishing, while he is retaining what he has learned.

Lastly, HCA's focus on integrity, respect and Godly character development reinforces the values we are teaching our son at home. It is wonderful to interact with other families at school who also have the same values."